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Thursday, February 17, 2011 has been a year since my first....and last post

Hi all, It was my intent when I started this blog to share the ups and downs of this new life into widowhood. You can see from my last post date (a WHOLE YEAR has passed!!)that I got a little side-tracked with life itself.

In the 16 months I have been widowed I sold my previous home (I thought), bought a "new" one (130 years old) in OH, had the buyers back out of the deal on the other home in IN, packed and moved several truckloads of furniture to Ohio, listed the IN home with a realtor, been low-balled countless times on the sale of my IN house, began a 3 month (yeah, right!!) kitchen remodel that is STILL not finished, accepted an offer on the IN house in Aug '10, CLOSED on the IN house in Nov '10 (finally), and started a new job.

I have also painted almost every room in the 'new' house, downsized my belongings, rearranged my living space countless times, and moved my youngest child in with me to go to college here in OH.

I have also grieved my husband's death every step of the way. I am grateful for God's grace and provison during this time.

OKAY....with that update, we can now move forward and onward.

Until the next post...& I pray it won't be a year from now.

God Bless,